Sunday, July 12, 2015

Images of the NIGHT in art . . .

Dorothy P. Lathrop children's book illustration
NIGHT makes it's greatest impression on us at our beginning.
Although family can be heard nearby,  we're thrust alone into the blackness. 
a Dorothy P. Lathrop illustration      click image twice for full size
N I G H T . . .
Arthur Getz illustration 1965 for New Yorker
an Arthur getz illustration,  1965
N I G H T . . .
Bernard Waber children's book 1970

a 1970 Bernard Waber children's book illustration
of a bee flying at night      click twice
N I G H T . . .
Byam Shaw book illustration 1900
a Byam Shaw book illustration from around 1900     click twice
N I G H T . . .
C.G. Evers illustration city at night 1950s?
20th century illustrator C.G. Evers specialized in big panoramic views
click twice
N I G H T . . .
Charles Pears book illustration of night river
This Charles Pears book illustration really captures the heavy
darkness of night.  We drift in silence.     see full size    
N I G H T . . .
Chesley Bonestell illustration of other world
This Chesley Bonestell illustration really captures the heavy 
silence of space-night.  We scream in silence.     click twice
N I G H T . . .
Emanuel Schongut children's book illustration 1974
an Emanuel Schongut book illustration,  1974     see full size
N I G H T . . .
Erich Buchwald-Zinnwald 1915 night sky
Erich Buchwald-Zinnwald,  1915     click twice
N I G H T . . .
Felix Vallotton painting of lake at night
a Felix Valloton painting      click twice
N I G H T . . .
a Giacomo Balla painting of a street light
a Giacomo Balla painting
N I G H T . . .
Karl Friedrich Schinkel stage design
a Karl Friedrich Schinkel theater stage design     click twice
N I G H T . . .

a Martin Lewis print of a woman at night on a roof top
a Martin Lewis print
N I G H T . . .
Mila von Luttich illustration of nightfall
a Mila von Luttich illustration     click twice
N I G H T . . .
Miroslav Sasek illustration of drive-in theatre 1960s
a Miroslav Sasek 1960s children's book     click twice
N I G H T . . .
Illustration of 1947 man sleeping in pyjamas
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