Sunday, July 5, 2015

Strange gardens in black & white . . .

You could buy these shelters in 1760 for your garden hermits
Seasonal shelters for garden hermits in 1760

1811 stepping stones   (click all images twice for full size)
1811 stepping stones across stream

Here's an 1816 landscape architecture for estate grounds. 
Kids could use it, or another garden hermit.
1816 landscape architecture

 Three delighted ninnies are crossing an 1836 garden bridge.
illustration of 1836 garden bridge ninnies

Here's an 1836 topiary structure for the garden grounds.
1836 topiary structure 1
Let's explain what we want to the sneering workmen 
from the village. 
1836 topiary structure 2

These 1889 flower pots were likely
made of wood, metal, or terra cotta.
1889 decorative flower pots

This beaten grass path offers a cooling tunnel to
the opium-addled 1895 gardening enthusiast. 
green garden tunnel 1895

1912 giant water lillies . . . newspaper taxis appear on the shore
giant water lillies 1912

1915 hedges in symmetry beckon the wanderer . . . is it a dream?
1915 topiary hedges

 Through the 1915 pergola, we take another sip of laudanum.
garden pergola 1915

We straighten our attire and try to laugh off the uneasy distortions. 
photo of tiny garden gate

 These 1911 rock garden stairs are the way out.
Photo of rock garden stairs 1911

It's somebody's house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!
Frank Lloyd Wright house exterior with staggered stepping stones

The street is visable from here . . .
Photo of old brick garden stairs
. . . we felt weird passing through someone's yard like that,
because we're not sociopaths.
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

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