Sunday, July 19, 2015

The colour RED in art . . .

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1895 stage actor in red velvet
RED is a whore in velvet who lives
for the spotlight on an 1895 stage.
Earl Oliver Hurst illustration of big red riding hood for Collier's
RED makes a wolf howl.
The colour RED in art
RED sets the mood in this tapestry from 1900.
1925 German magazine decadent illustration
RED is beautiful decadence in 1925 Berlin.
Smooth Power waterfall 1948 illustration in red
RED conveys power and energy in 1948
1960s Du Maurier ad in red
RED gets our attention because it's
Alive with weird pleasure!
Mead Schaeffer illustration
Mead Schaeffer illustration
RED is a more pressing matter than the evening's performance.
Owen Jones ornament - ALHAMBRA
RED is energy confined by geometric order
in this Owen Jones illustration of Alhambra
ornament. To see more of his work click HERE
Apple red lifesaver
 RED is tart and sweet! Before Apple computers, apples 
grew on trees. People ate the fruit and most of them passed 
it. An apple-flavoured life saver was RED
Erte illustration - red woman on a swing
RED laughs out loud at our subtle disapproval.
Rene Gruau illustration
Rene Gruau illustration in red
RED ridicules our narrow views,
limited experience, and self-constraint.

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