Sunday, August 23, 2015

Let's sneak into the 1851 WORLDS FAIR

1851 Great Exhibition day ticket
We're magically dressed in the hilarious clothing of 1851,
so let's mingle unnoticed with visitors to the
Great Exhibition of London.
1851 Great Exhibition season ticket
It costs the public one shilling a day to attend . . .
1851 Crystal Palace exterior
Washrooms are patrolled for Victorian criminals: Dippers, ladybirds and mashers are prohibited.
1851 Crystal Palace public visitors
For the average 1851 public, this is overstimulating and tiring. 
There are whiffs of camphor, vanilla, sawdust, peppermint and people. 
Dunin's Expanding Figure 1861
for more on this,  click Dunin's Expanding Figure
1851 Crystal Palace African throne
A king's throne from an African nation.     Click images twice for full size    
1851 Great Exhibition glass blowing
          A glass-blowing performance
1851 Crystal Palace garden wing
the botanical wing in the 1851 Crystal Palace
The 1851 Crystal Palace interior levels
If we close our eyes, the crowds sound the same as they do in 2015.
Mass of crystalized alum 1851 London world fair
you never know when you
might need a mass of crystalized alum.
Turner design for 1851 Great Exhibition
This earlier Turner design for the main structure was rejected,
and soon replaced by The Crystal Palace instead.
Carriage department at 1851 Great Exhibition
Fall in love with the feel of the road. This is where transportation
is headed, and these are the carriages that will take us there. 
stained-glass at the 1851 Crystal Palace
Wyld's Great Globe 1851 Great Exhibition
1851 Crystal Palace sheet-iron dome
The Crystal Palace sheet-iron dome from inside, with stained glass.
1851 Great Exhibition poster
When the Great Exhibition ended, the Crystal Palace
was moved out of Hyde Park.
       Here's the new site in 1856 with an added dinosaur display.
1864 new Crystal Palace dinosaur display
The 1864 Crystal Palace pneumatic railway was also built
at the new location.
1864 Crystal Palace pneumatic railway
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

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