Sunday, September 27, 2015

I M A G E S of . . . G O L D

Photo of solidified natural gold
photo of paper gold stars
Gold stars are purely symbolic, printed on cheap paper and mass-produced
with a noisy machine by hairy men with family problems, so grow up kid.
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photo of 1879 ornamented gold watch
An 1879 ornamented gold watch
photo of 1800s art nouveau unusual broach
Was this 1800s art nouveau (new art) broach meant
for a teenager, or for an adult?
1890s? gold cigarette case photo
1890s? gold cigarette case
1898 gold pens from catalog
A thousand dollar chair, a gold pen, imported hand crafted paper
 . . . everything you need to create writer's block in 1898.
photo of 1928 Jean Puiforcat gold dinnerware
1928 Jean Puiforcat goldware 
photo of 1947 gold plated coffee set
1947 gold coffee set
photo of 1960s Ban deodorant packaging
1960s Gold packaging is
so much richer than brown,
and the consumer is
willing to pay more for it.
Shirley Eaton painted gold for 1964 movie Goldfinger
In the 1964 movie Goldfinger this enemy agent made
love with James Bond 007, but neglected to kill him. 
photo of Gert Fröbe as Bond villain Goldfinger in 1964
Her boss Goldfinger (handsome leading man
Gert Fröbe) had her killed by gold paint.

photo of Odd Job from Goldfinger
This film also introduced
teen heart-throb mute
murder-for-hire "Odd Job".

       ROCK - PAPER - SCISSORS is an old hand game of
which one is dominant in different combinations.
        "ROCK" wins over scissors
photo of large gold nugget
"PAPER" covers rock
photo of gold leaf
"SCISSORS" cut paper
photo of gold plated scissors
Is this really a game for adults?  If it involves gold then yes.
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

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