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Canada was 100 years old and celebrated by building centennial parks across the country
1967 centennial medalion Canada, a color photograph
 old metal:  school children were surprised to receive new brass medallions in plastic sleeves
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1960s mod sunglasses
There were occasional sightings of green hair and see-through
blouses,  granny glasses,  Beatle caps,  and local mod bands playing popup
"happenings" on street corners.     click image to enlarge
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1976 Coca Cola cans six pack, a color advertising photograph
Soft drinks in cans instead of bottles was a modern thing in '67
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1967 mod pens
Mod pens were big with younger students,  although teachers were mostly
from the era of tucked-in shirts and haircuts.     click image twice     
Vintage pens found at mysupplyroom
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I Am Curious (yellow) poster
In 1967 people were talking about  "I Am Curious (yellow)"
Wikipedia: One of the main reasons that it was a box office smash was that it was the first film with sexual
acts performed onscreen that was not confined to the porn theaters on 42nd Street, New York City.[citation needed]
Millions of people who had never seen a pornographic film flocked to safe neighborhood theaters to see what
it was all about. Another reason was that it became popular among "stars" to be seen going to this movie,
and that made the general public even more interested. News of Johnny Carson seeing the film legitimized
going to see it.[citation needed] The film ushered in a wave of nudity and sex never before shown to
the general public, and it was the first shot in the war that was to begin in pushing the limits of films for
the general public.[citation needed]
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1967 Thunderbird green
1967 Thunderbird had style,  and now all cars seem to 
look like the same rounded sport-shoe on wheels.     see full size
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mod 1967 boys polka dot shirt
Guys wore polka dots in 1967
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Brutalist architecture
1967 brutalist architecture in Canada was characterized by exposed concrete
 and blunt imposing design.  There's still lots of it around today.     click twice
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expo 67 logo raised sign
Designers utilized a brutalist look for this raised sign at
the 1967 Canadian Worlds Fair,  EXPO '67 in Montreal.
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Habitat 67
Habitat at Expo '67 was Brutalist architecture.  New words like habitat
and environment (en-VI-ron-ment) asked us to consider new concepts.
click twice
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Expo 67 Ontario pavilion from above
"Expo" was big and you could explore for days on end.  It was
fantastic exhausting overstimulation represented by 62 nations,
and modern Canada hosted with pride.     click twice
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Canada pavilion at Expo 67
Part of the Canadian pavilion was a vast empty space with electronically
generated sound.  People walked around the edges,  and it represented
a big open country.     click twice
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Circle-Vision 360° at Expo 67, a color photograph, disney experimental
Most incredible was a 360 degree cinema in which Canadian Mounties charged at the audience,  riding past,  and away.  The Circle-Vision 360° film was produced by Disney.
Circle-Vision 360° at Expo '67
 Circle-Vision 360° at Expo '67     click twice 
Circle-Vision 360° at Expo '67
  Circle-Vision 360° at Expo '67     click twice
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Kaleidoscope at Expo 67, Man and Color, a color photograph
"Kaleidoscope"  had animated colors in a multi-mirrored 
room,  and the visual effect extended to infinity.
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Man and Color at Expo 67
"Man and Color"  an adventure in color,  motion and sound, 
housed Kaleidoscope.
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Iran pavilion at Expo 67
Expo 67's Minirail impeded this view of the Iranian pavilion     see full size
Iran pavilion at Expo 67
visitors entered through huge decorated columns     click twice
Iran pavilion at Expo 67
 The Iranian pavilion was incredible up close     click twice 
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1967 Pepsi-Cola pull top cans
In 1967 Pepsi-Cola introduced pull-tops on it's cans     see full size
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Spirograph,  a geometric drawing toy     click twice
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