Sunday, November 1, 2015

F I R E down below . . .

FIRE title
Crackling roaring heat, cinders and smoke, this week we look at FIRE . . .

photograph of art deco wooden matches
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Abram Games illustration Penguin book
Abram Games  illustration

Edwin Georgi illustration flames fire
Edwin Georgi  illustration

1860 factory fire ruins
An 1860 news engraving of factory fire ruins

advert for 1919 school slide fire escape
 1919 school fire-escape slide advertisement

wooden match flame graphic
matchbox graphic, 1950s?

GAS  flame kocht schnell
Donald Brun  art 1958

1960s Ronson Stardust butane Candles
1960s Ronson Stardust butane Candles

1961 electric fire log

Adolf von Menzel art
 Adolf von Menzel  art 

Benjamin Rabier illustration mouse with lighter flame
Benjamin Rabier  illustration

Arnold Genthe photo San Fancisco 1906
 Arnold Genthe  photo of the 1906
San Francisco earthquake and fire

1915 poster art by Mihály Biró
1915 poster art by Mihály Biró

Currier & Ives poster of city fire
Currier & Ives  poster

Daniel Schwartz illustration burning building
Daniel Schwartz  illustration

Tyrus Wong sketch for Bambi fire scene
Tyrus Wong  sketches for Disney's Bambi

Ed Emshwiller illustration of man on fire
 Ed Emshwiller  illustration

Edwin Georgi illustration of boat fire
 Edwin Georgi  illustration

Stella Langdale endpages for a book
 Stella Langdale  endpages for a book
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

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