Sunday, January 3, 2016

The colour BLUE

1880 blue endpages of a book
1880 blue endpages of a book
A 400 year old book on the internet had something curious that needed a closer look. It was a tomato
seed preserved on the paper.  Somebody in the past was eating while reading that book.  It would be
interesting to see what that person looked like.  Maybe people from the future are looking at us right now.
1930s art deco blue glass dish
1930s blue glass    Click images twice for full size
Anton Otto Fischer painting in dark blue
an Anton Otto Fischer painting
Koloman Moser textile design 1900?

Koloman Moser ver sacrum 1899
 This Koloman Moser poster in 1899 was inspiration for 
late-1960s psychedelic posters.

Philippines hotel stairs in blue glass
Wonderful Philippines hotel stairs in blue glass
Mitchell Hooks large illustration of a cowboy
a Mitchell Hooks illustration

two blue glass doorknobs photograph
blue glass doorknobs
Victor Vasarely large art in blue
1902 secession art exhib advert illustration large blue
1902 secession art, an exhibition poster
1907 secession blue glass cup & saucer, Joseph Hoffmann
1907 secession cup & saucer, probably Joseph Hoffmann

Keisai Eisen large print in blue
a Keisai Eisen print, 1940s?

Polish film poster Bogart 1980s large
Polish film posters have always been very good.
This one's from the 1980s.

Tanzanite blue crystal large
blue Tanzanite from below

Alexander Roslin large art, man in blue 1700s
1700s Alexander Roslin portrait of a man in blue
A 1970s Charms candy wrapper, large photograph
 a 1970s Charms candy wrapper
old art glass at the ROM, large photograph
old art glass at the Royal Ontario Museum
Lucas Samaras 1966 art installation, large photograph
a Lucas Samaras 1966 art installation
two-color photo graphic 1966, large image
Blue was real gone in 1966
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

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