Sunday, February 21, 2016

early MANNEQUINS and window display

early mannequins and window display
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1904 mannequin illustration from a catalog
A good solid 1904 mannequin

mannequin photgraph from a 1913 catalog
In 1913 new mannequin appears in the
window,  prettier and with a better wax head.

wax mannequin large photograph from 1914 advert
One year later, a new wax bust has replaced
the new mannequin AND the store owner's wife.

Feldman's humanized figures photgraph 1917 advertisement
By 1917,  mannequins have replaced the store owner.
United States rubber company photograph
1917 customers don't bother to notice that stores are newly 
staffed by mannequins,  and frankly they don't care.

1917 store mannequin child from catalog photograph
1917 child mannequin

1940s Toronto Simpsons mannequins photograph
1940s Toronto Simpsons

Vitrolite storefront large illustration from catalog

Pierre Imans mannequins photograph large
1930s? Pierre Imans mannequins

photograph of 1918 window display

1917 window display mannequins
1918 pedestrians watching mannequins watching mannequin feet.

1917 window display mannequins photograph
If this 1917 window production displays only two dresses, what must
they cost? It's questions like these that keep us outside looking in.
Now we're being asked to move along.

1934 window display photograph
A giant butterfly in this 1934 window display for fabrics

1934 window display photograph
 Another 1934 window display for fabrics, with an odd
pose from the mannequin

1934 window display photograph

1934 window display photograph
1934 mannequins: dark emotionless blocks of men.

kreml vacation hair advert photo
An unusual old advertisement for a hair product
"He can swim like a fish,  and dive like a duck - But he has Vacation Hair"
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