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An illustration of a theater crowd booing stage performers
Writers and artists may have their works booed, but COMEDIANS
face LIVE  focused contempt from a unified crowd.  Comedy might evolve through
the decades like fashion or music, but crowd disapproval never changes.
J  T  E  S
An illustration of a professional jester holding a marotte, 1500s?
500 years ago, professional JESTERS toured Europe.
 That miniature head, called a marotte, served as a
comedy prop. Funny funny stuff.

Here's the sound a jester causes
An illustration of a jester and his apprentis, 1200s? 
1200s? It was common for understudies to apprentice with working jesters.
E  E  S
An illustration of 1498 jesters
Was this comedy team giddying religious hosts
in 1498 by mocking science? Just as likely it was a
parody of the amused hosts themselves, as jesters were 
often allowed freedom for the sake of comedy. A fool 
knows this is dangerous, but that's where the laughs are.
J  E  S
Somebody's younger brother wanted to
get in the business, but the kid just
didn't have the chops for it.
J  R  S
French woman jester
 There were women JESTERS too . . .
E  T  E  S
a 1316 woman jester in King Edward ll's court in England
  . . . a 1316 woman jester in England.
J  S
An illustration of a little person jester
a popular comedian
J  S  S
An account of the jester Marchesina at the Milan court of Duke Sforza
J  E  T  S
An illustration of a jester, 1700s?
a 1700s? outdoor performance
J  S  E  R  S
Actual accounts of the English jester Smug
Some actual accounts of an obnoxious English jester named SMUG
J  E  S  E  S
A jester, fool, pantaloon, stand-up comic, or funny beggar.
 JESTER, fool, pantaloon, stand-up comic,
or just a funny beggar?
J  S  R  S
Robin Good-fellow the 1628 jester also called Hob-Goblin
J  E  S  R  S 
An illustration of a jester 1500s?
To perform for the rich and powerful, he must have
been a comedic genius and a shrewd diplomat.
Wearing his self-humiliating hat, he was free to
 make daring jokes.  That's what his hosts wanted.
J  E  S  E  R  S 
Ivan the Terrible's jester, in 1500s RussiaIvan the Terrible's jester, in 1500s Russia
J  E  T  S
cartoon illustrations of an 1889 French clown
an 1889 French clown
J  S  T  E  R  S
An illustration of an 1886 French comedian l'immortel Chocolat
1886 French Theaters: jesters made a living from their wit
J  S  E  S
A photograph and description of 1896 phonograph comedian Jack Simonds
An 1896 comedian: yikes
J  S  E  S
A promotional photograph for 1921 women comedians
In 1921 Hollywood, women comedians had to disrobe for promotional photos . . .
S  T  E  S
Charles Rodrigues 1973 for National Lampoon Magazine
. . . but by 1973 it was all just about the comedy
J  E  S  E  S
A drawing from an old book of a sculpture of 1047ad jesters
An old book drawing of a sculpture of two actual jesters from the year 1047 
these guys were hilarious
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

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