Sunday, October 30, 2016

CRIMES before our times

Louis Raemaekers art
Oh great-great-great grandpa . . . did your twinkly eyes hide a
mischievous side?  How could such a kind face ever break the law? 

C   R   I   M   E
Traitors' Gate Old London Bridge illustration
a very public display of criminals' punishment in 1600s England
C   R   I   M   E
1626 British law catchpole illustration
 A 1626 British law enforcement restrainment tool
C   R   I   M   E
1720 pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny illustration
C   R   I   M   E
1809 death row prison yard illustration
an 1809 death row prison yard
C   R   I   M   E
1876 California hoodlums news article
1876 California hoodlums
C   R   I   M   E
1876 California hoodlums news article
more 1876 California hoodlums
C   R   I   M   E
1876 electric security alarm
an 1876 home security alarm
C   R   I   M   E
psychophonometer 1881 lie detector
 The psychophonometer (1881 lie detector) was a failure as a
law enforcement tool.
C   R   I   M   E
1882 NYC jail cell suicide illustration
A troubled woman in an 1882 New York jail cell.
C   R   I   M   E
1887 women vigilante tar and feathers illustration
1887 women vigilantes
C   R   I   M   E
1890 prisonyard lockstep shuffle photograph
 the 1890 prison yard lockstep shuffle
C   R   I   M   E
Phrenology degenerate ears illustration 1897
PHRENOLOGY was the study of the structure
of the skull to determine a person's character
and mental capacity in 1897. This sort of
thing always leads to disaster.
C   R   I   M   E
1908 USA prison reform illustration of waterboarding
from a 1908 USA report on prison reform
C   R   I   M   E
1919 private detective's card Paris
 a 1919 private detective's card
C   R   I   M   E
1931 Illinois game warden photograph of poachers 200 pound swivel gun
An 1931 Illinois game warden shows an illegal
poachers tool for killing flocks of ducks.
C   R   I   M   E
1938 county jail USA photograph
 This 1938 county jail held people awaiting court appearances,
and others with short sentences.
C   R   I   M   E
1951 police with marijuanna large photo
1951 weed looks 3rd rate.
C   R   I   M   E
1960s undercover police decoy NYC photograph
In the 1960s and 1970s, NYC high crime areas
had police decoys to arrest muggers and rapists.
Even television comedies wrote sketches about it.
Today's modern police do something similar
on the internet to arrest online predators.
C   R   I   M   E
1200s public pillory illustration
 A 1200s public pillory with
restraints for either adults or youths.
Elevation above the public controlled the
hurled indignities, to just the right amount.

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