Sunday, November 27, 2016

T H R E E s

1915 ornament, three
a 1915 print ornament
1960s mini Coke bottles photo
1960s mini Coke bottles Click images twice for full size
Agnes Miller Parker
an Agnes Miller Parker illustration, 1940s?
1890s? toothpaste color ad, Ricksecker's Dentaroma
See this full size, it's beautifully stippled  1890s?
privileged wastrels in 1806
privileged wastrels in 1806
1954 wallpaper color sample
1954 wallpaper samples
The 1885 Benz, first car ever, detailed photograph
The 1885 Benz from an old book, this is reportedly the first combustion car ever.
Charles Harper
a Charles Harper illustration
barstools 1930
bar stools 1930
three stooges photo
three handymen you should never hire
1938 bonnet fashion, mondo bizarro
1838 bonnet fashion, mondo bizarro
1936  See this full size
New Guinea indiginous shields photo
from an old book about New Guinea
Mead Schaeffer
a Mead Schaeffer book illustration
Howie Post, Hot Stuff, Dell Comics
Howie Post comic book art, 1960s?
Frank Lloyd Wright window
a Frank Lloyd Wright window
Randolph Caldecott, three singing drunks
a Randolph Caldecott illustration, 1800s
1897 German ornament
1897 German ornament  click to see
1939 coat stand photograph
a 1939 coat stand
Thomas Theodor Heine illustration for Simplicissimus magazine, 3 cows
This magazine illustration will herd us out

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